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«EVENTS» by Vladlena Gromova (printing art, broadsheet/poster)
Venue:VYHOD media center
Opening:01 october 2010 17:00
Dates:October, 2 – October, 12 2010
Organizers:Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia, Creative Industries and Cultural Tourism Development Fund

Posters, broadsheets, booklets and other printed goods are inevitable and essential parts of every event, whether it be a performance, an exhibition, or a festival. Staying in the background, these printed materials usually determine our first feeling and expectation, create an image of an up-coming event, and after remain as artifacts, evidence of the first impression. Sometimes broadsheets, posters, and booklets are kept for a long time, they become a part of one’s home archive, they are used as a walls’ decoration at home and in office.


Designer is like an invisible hero, who creates all these wonderful things, but usually it is a hero that stays unknown. Unfortunately, today printing art is a rare guest on art exhibitions, even though dramatic and exhibitional poster art was a full-fledged member of visual arts performances before.


Exhibition «Events», presented in media-center «Vykhod», is an attempt to draw public’s attention to printing works of Vladlena Gromova. Her name is known among experts and admirers of modern art, especially in case concerning video-art, installation, electronic art, as well as «KomartClub» project and, in general, work of media-center «Vykhod». Today it is hard to imagine this innovative space with its outstanding and diverse projects without bright and impressive design of Vladlena Gromova. Catalogues, broadsheets, posters, and booklets which she made stand out against a background of sad and banal printing flow that is made every day. Being effective and spectacular, her works are always outstanding. Thus, media-center «Vykhod» is proud to present its printing goods made by Vladlena Gromova.


Cooperation with young artists and designers is a strategic goal of «Vykhod». It means that authors are given a maximum of creative freedom and, moreover, a chance to accomplish and implement their projects. Today you can rarely see the situation when a customer strives for an unconventional artistic solution and does not dictates his demands to the designer. Performances and events which are organized by media-center «Vykhod» are exclusive and unusual as well, so they are incitements for designer’s work. Broadsheets and other printing goods made by Vladlena Gromova which are presented in «Vykhod» are a retrospection of several years of «Vykhod’s» life and at the same time preparation for its 10-year anniversary celebration.      


Vladlena Gromova


Born 1983 inPetrozavodsk, Russia.

2001 – 2008 International Slavonic institute, faculty of graphics design. 

Artist, designer. She is involved in the arts since 2005.

She creates photo projects, video art, media art, objects, and installations.



Awards:  winner of Kandinsky award in nomination «The young artist 2007».

Nominee of Kandinsky award in nomination «The media art 2008».

Diploma of 1 degree in the category «Video Art» at the Biennale of Art-search », Yakutsk, 2010.
:Villa Romano, July - September 2008,
Florence, Italy


Exhibitions (selectively)



«Alyosha Gorshok», a contemporary  interpretation of Lev Tolstoy, New School for Design, October, New York, USA;
Personal exhibition «Events», Media-center «Exit», October, Petrozavodsk, Russia;
«To be continued ...», an exhibition of young artists, City Exhibition Hall, October, Petrozavodsk, Russia;
 «Audio», Audi centre, June, St. Petersburg, Russia;

Biennial «Art search», July, Yakutsk, Russia;

Cliché, University of Art, May, Berlin, Germany;

Nord Art, Kic, July – October, Budelsdorf, Germany



7th video-arta exhibition «Relative communications» , Loft project Etagi, December - February ,

Saint-Petersburg, Russia;

46 th «Onega’s palette», Museum of Fine art, December, Petrozavodsk, Russia;

International video art program «No narrative», Rauland Gallery, December, Rauland Norway;

International triennial of visual arts “Otpechatki”, Asrt & Science, City Exhibition Hall, November,

Petrozavodsk, Russia;

The Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, screening of video-art, October, Centre for contemporary culture «Garage», Moscow, Russia;

Open festival of performances art  «Korch", October, Yaroslavl, Russia;

«UNDER THE GLASS», Selena Gallery, Brooklyn Campus, Long IslandUniversity, BrooklynNY, USA;

«Workshop 2009», June – August, Moscow museum of modern art, Moscow, Russia

Vis Vienna Independent shorts, May, Vienna, Austria;

Exhibition «11», March, City holl, Petrozavodsk, Russia;

In collaboration with International Fine Arts Consortium Perpetual Art Machine (PAM).

WALKING A FINE LINE: Parables of the sublime and the subversive in Russian video art, March 6, Lincoln Center Damrosch Park, New York, USA;


Walking a Fine Line. Parables of the Sublime and the Subversive in Russian Video Art, January,

Monkey Town, Brooklyn



Project «Contemporary art in The regional StateMuseum», December, Petrozavodsk, Russia;

Authors project «Intro-version», Media - center «Exit», November, Petrozavodsk, Russia;

Project  «I love you Vienna/Stars of Russian video art», Vena’s airport, November, Vena, Austria;

Exhibition of Kandinsky award 2008, November, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia;

Project «Video province», November, NCCA, Moscow, Russia;

Exhibition «Russian Roulette»,  The Nassauischer Kunstverein, October, Wiesbaden, Germany;

Exhibition of Kandinsky award 2007, September – October, Palace Italia, Berlin, Germany;

«Open studio», Villa Romano, 6th of  September, Florence, Italy;

Exhibition of Kandinsky award 2007, Riga, Latvia;

Exhibition «Where the east ends», The Nassauischer Kunstverein, September, Wiesbaden, Germany;

III International Project for Young Artists M’ARTian Fields, «M’ars gallery», July, 17 2008 - July, 31, Moscow, Russia;

Project by Yekaterinburg branch of NationalCenter for Contemporary Arts, «Product placement», «M’ars gallery», July, 3 2008 - July, 15,Moscow, Russia;

International digital film  festival «Izolenta» 08 Union» cinema , May, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;

Exhibition of actual art «Illuminators» at the airport Koltsovo, April – July, Yekaterinburg, Russia;

Exhibition «Tochka Rosy», Museum of Fine art, February, Murmansk, Russia;

«Onega’s palette», Museum of Fine art, Petrozavodsk, Russia;

«Product placement», Perm, exhibition center «Perm’s fair», Russia



Exhibition of Kandinsky award, Modern art center «Wine factory», Moscow, Russia

«Déjà vu», Museum of Fine art, Petrozavodsk, Russia

«Interface», media-center «Exit», Petrozavodsk, Russia

«Outvideo», International festival of video-art , Yekaterinburg, Russia

«2d art from Petrozavodsk», Tubingen, Germany.

 «7+-, media-center «Exit», Petrozavodsk, Russia

«Onega’s palette», Museum of Fine art, Petrozavodsk, Russia



«Mini art», Modern art center «Pushkinskaya 10», St-Petersburg, Russia









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