Art Clips' Gallery


Art Clips' gallery.

Ural Videoart Collection. Volume 1.

Yekaterinburg Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts with the support of the Television documentary Festival is starting to form the “Ural Video Art Collection”. A creation of such collection will let to reconstruct the process of video activity in Yekaterinburg since 1990’s up to early 2000’s. The first edition of planned video-collection – “The Art-clip gallery” – is devoted to the period of establishing video-art on Ural region. An important part in this process belongs to television, where broadcasting space for the first Ural video-experiments was given. In 1994 a U-7 studio for creating and distributing telecasts appeared. It was afterwards surrounded by special video community.
Art-clips gallery.
The “Art-clips gallery” was being created by U-7 studio from the beginning of 1997 ans was broadcasted by the Ural state TV-radio company (SGTRK). Originally there were clips lasted from 20 sec. up to 1 min. intended for interprogrammatic design of ether space ad thought to be an artistic alternative for advertising blocks. The experience turned to be successful and top management of SGTRK suggested creating a valuable ten-minute telecast. It required developing gallery’s structure, to find materials and actual themes.
In program’s producing process were involved Ural artists and IT-specialists. Eventually a constant creative group gathered: the artists were Victor Davydov, Igor Gusak, Leonid Lugovyh, Anatoliy Vyatkin (he also took a function of the telecast’s anchorman), Andrey Ivanov, Oleg Yelovoy, Oleg Nikulin; the poets were Alexander Vernikov, Igor Bogdanov, Evgeniy Kasimov; the computer men were Konstantin Kormil’tsev, Matvey Yepanchintsev; the sound producer was Oleg Urusov. Each program consisted of three or four clips made in animation and video techniques duration from 20 sec. to 3 min. For their producing were used original author videos together with U-7 studio video-materials which were sent from overseas. The program was broadcasted once per week and each of its editions was devoted to one of professional holidays – An Athlete’s day, A Teacher’s Day, A Day of food retail industry worker, etc. A pilot issue appeared in ether in June 1998.
Totally were created 24 programs. By that time at the studio a basis, both creating and producing, was already formed. New forces were connected to the art-clips creating process – Vyacheslav Mizin, Alexander Shaburov, Elena Sharova. All of this settled a new high-quality level. However after the half-year of broadcasting the SGTRK gave up a further collaboration and the issue of the programs was stopped.