Contemporary Fine Arts. Volume Three


Computer Collection of Art. Contemporary Fine Arts. Volume Three.

The ITAR-TASS News Agency and ARTINFO Multimedia Publishers present the new CD-ROM series “Computer Collection of Art. Contemporary Fine Arts”.
The main purpose of this series is to use new technologies to distribute information about artists’ creative work, and also about museums and galleries, representing a variety of schools and genres in the contemporary art.
The third volume represents Moscow radical art of 1990’s. The disc contains high quality reproductions and video presentations of over 1000 works by 111 artists working in various forms of art – painting, graphics, photography, media-art, performance, and others.
The disc has been produced with the assistance from the Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow.
Art experts: Georgi Nikich-Krilichevsky, Andrey Kovalev, Galina Elshevskaya.