Folk Barents Theatre


Petrozavodsk 4 – 10 September 2006

Folk Barents Theatre
international seminar
Folk Barents Theatre is an international project implemented by the Center of Cultural Initiatives under the auspices of the Nordic Culture Fund, the Ministry of Culture and Public Relations of the Republic of Karelia and the Culture Policy Institute (Moscow).
Folk Barents Theatre is a creative workshop held in Petrozavodsk on 4 – 10 September 2006 that joined together artists from Denmark, Norway, Russia and Finland. This international team work resulted in a musical performance “The Story of the Fishers and the Fish” that was shown in the Creative Studio Theatre (Petrozavodsk).
The project is aimed at overcoming mutual stereotypes and prejudices by means of theatre, music, humour, and games. It also seeks to enhance cultural cooperation in Northwest Europe and form positive attitudes by different nations – close neighbours.