Public Space Design project
06 september 2011 — 31 may 2012

In September 2011 a one-year Public Space Design project has been launched in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia with the support of the OSI Assistance Foundation (“OSIAF”), Liechtenstein.

Today many regions of the Russian Federation face the same challenge of seeing to young competent personnel drain from small to big cities and then abroad, becoming a place of innovative activities, and attempting to create a new atmosphere, a new sociocultural situation. This project is aimed at building democratic tools and launching processes promoting a formation of a new value and communicative environment among a young audience; creating of new projects which respond to the necessities of the contemporary urban community and favour the integration of the region into the international culture processes.

Public Space Design project is a sociocultural educational programme which comprises a complex of purposeful activities (from lectures and discussions to a team project and research work) aimed at learning foreign experience and helping a particular region to get out of depression.

This project is meant to become a sort of alternative for a series of politically charged propaganda programmes which are being implemented today in Russia. Unfortunately, in such kind of programmes the ideas of education, diversity, freedom of choice, development of young people creative potential are substituted for a frank manipulation of the young people for the convenience of the bureaucracy. In our opinion, the society needs a project which does not concern any of these negative features and meets the following requirements:

  • Educational part of the project is oriented both to theory and practice;
  • Real existing problems of the region;
  • Interdisciplinarity;
  • A complex study of public space problems (social, cultural, political, and etc.);
  • Project groups should comprise people with different interests/profession. 

Despite possible difficulties in project implementation (social depression, disbelief of young people in any social reforms and a possibility of a full-fledged dialogue with the authorities), such principles as interdisciplinarity, “team-creativity”, openness will definitely contribute to the project success.

The project aims at

  • developing of social, cultural, political activity of the youth and its creative self-fulfillment by implementing a series of educational and practical events.
  • creating a precedent of social creativeness and grass-roots initiative for solving real existing problems of a particular region.   

Project’s tasks are
  • to reveal creative leaders among young people with different professional interests;
  • to teach participants of the project various skills which are essential in sociocultural projecting;
  • to organize "field works" as a part of sociocultural projecting;
  • to elaborate a package of ideas based on information that the participants will collect during the field works;
  • to attract public and Media’s attention to the project especially to the ideas developed by the participants, to the youth’s capability as well as the potential of the project ideas to be implemented. 
Target groups and beneficiaries:
  • Young artists, designers, journalists (including culture journalism), photographers, and other creative people;
  • Students of sociological, economical, philological, design and journalism departments of Petrozavodsk State University, Karelian State Pedagogical Academy, and International Slavic Institute;
  • Residents of the project’s pilot region – the town of Olonets;
  • Internet users, including members of social networks who will be suggested discussing data, information concerning the content, course and progress of the project; 
  • Local and regional authorities’ representatives;
  • Publicyouthorganizations’ representatives;
  • Local and regional Media.     


Project Director - Artem Starodubtsev, artist, lecturer at Karelian State Padagogical Academy and International Slavic Institute. 

Courses supervisors and experts: 

Arkady Morozov – artist, lecturer at International Slavic Institute (Design Department), Petrozavodsk;
Alla Nesterenko – Ph.D., TIPS specialist, pedagogue in "Rovesnik" center for extended education, associate Professor of the Education development Chair in Education Employees' Professional Development and Retraining Academy (Moscow);
Ekaterina Dragan – Derzhavin Lyceum's teacher, head of the Physics Teachers Association, TIPS specialist;
Tatjana Morozova – leading research officer in the Institute of Economics within the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Science;
Konstantin Terentjev – sociologist, senior lecturer of Sociology Department in Petrozavodsk State University, head of Social Research Laboratory at Petrozavodsk State University.
September 2011
The Public Space Design project was presented to the public, Media, and future project participants on September, 6th in Vykhod media center. Artyom Starodubtsev, Project Director, told about the conception, goals, and perspectives of a new educational programme. All the leading experts involved into the project (sociologists, TIPS specialists, designers) were introduced to the audience. Action plan of events within the project was set.
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Public Space Design project presentation / September, 6 2011;

Lecture "Social Reality. Sociological Perspective" by Konstantin Terentjev / September, 14 2011;

Lecture "Basic Ideas and Principles of the Theory of Inventive Problems Solving (TIPS)" by Ekaterina Dragan / September, 16 2011;

Lecture "Sociological Analysis of Public Opinion" by Konstantin Terentjev / September, 21 2011


Lecture "Theory of Inventive Programme Solving and Unified Structured Inventive Thinking: from Theory to Practice" by Alla Nesterenko / September, 23 2011

Lecture "Sociological Methods of Social Reality Perception" by Konstantin Terentjev / September, 28 2011

Workshop on Analysing and Solving Public Space Problems by Ekaterina Dragan / September, 30 2011;

Discussion on Developing a Questionnaire for a Work Trip to the Town of Olonets / October, 7 2011;

Discussion on Developing a Questionnaire for a Work Trip to the Town of Olonets / October, 12 2011;

Discussion on Developing a Questionnaire for a Work Trip to the Town of Olonets / October, 14 2011;

"Image of the City. What to Start With?" discussion / October, 19 2011; 

"Image of the City. What to Start With?" discussion / October, 21 2011;

"Space of A Holiday" discussion / October, 26 2011;

Discussion on project ideas for Olonets public space changing / October, 28 2011;

Presentation of Intermediate Results of “Internet-television” and “Design Olonets Cultural and Historical Urban Area” Projects’ Implementation / February, 3 2012.