AiR Karelia
10 july — 01 october 2018

INVITATION FOR PARTICIPATION IN ART RESIDENCE IN KARELIA! Karelian art residence (AiR Karelia) is a unique place in Petrozavodsk for creative people with all the conditions for work.



Karelian art residence (AiR Karelia) provides time and space for the artists to live and work in Petrozavodsk (Russia). Karelian art residence started its work in 2015 and since then welcomed about 50 artists from all over the world. The programme focuses mainly on contemporary art, but is also open to art professionals from other disciplines.
Disciplines and media:
Visual Arts
• New Media
• Graphics
    Art Research
Petrozavodsk is a small European-like city only in 300 km from the border with Finland and St. Petersburg. Due to its location, history and current state, it offers a real glance into regional Russian life, being an alternative to big capitals. At the same time, it has lively local art community - the city itself is young and open to different artistic projects and interventions.
The residency is located in the historical centre of Petrozavodsk and provides participants both working and living space with everything they need for comfortable stay and work. The residency period is between 1 and 3 months. Projects based on local context (artistic research of cultural and historical landscape or natural environment of Karelia) are welcome but not obligatory. However, we encourage experience exchange, collaboration projects with local artists and engaging local audiences.
    Media studio on the premises of Vyhod Media Centre. The space is packed with professional cameras, sound equipment, audio mixing console, special lighting, PC
     Graphic studio equipped with an etching press, opportunity to take part in the workshop by professional graphic artists
    Holding a workshop, artist-talk, presentation and / or exhibition at the Vyhod Media Centre (an exhibition space) or any other venue most suitable for the project of the artist-in-residence
    Organising a study trip around Karelia if the project requires travel
Varvara Feklistova, residency coordinator
OPEN CALL for 2019: July 10 - October 1, 2018
To apply you need to fill in the application form, attach your CV and portfolio and send to
The application form could be found at: