10 july — 01 october 2018
INVITATION FOR PARTICIPATION IN ART RESIDENCE IN KARELIA! Karelian art residence (AiR Karelia) is a unique place in Petrozavodsk for creative people with all the conditions for work.
22 october — 04 november 2014
International creative laboratory of performance - PRO-art Community - is dedicated to actionism and interdisciplinary forms of art, theoretic and practical forms of mastering it by young creators.
06 september 2011 — 31 may 2012
Public Space Design project is a sociocultural educational programme which comprises a complex of purposeful activities (from lectures and discussions to a team project and research work) aimed at learning foreign experience and helping a particular region to get out of depression.
03 february — 21 may 2010
Educational and debating program for Karelian creative youth is a project devoted to contemporary trends, strategies and technologies of contemporary art and culture. Its initiator is the Creative Industries and Cultural Tourism Development Fund under the auspices of the Open Society Institute. The project goal is assistance to creative youths self-realization and contemporary art development in Petrozavodsk as an important feature of modern urban life. The program is aimed at young workers of culture, artists, designers, musicians, photographers and all creative people of Petrozavodsk and the Republic of Karelia.
01 july 2008 — 31 december 2009
Practical training in media art by Sergey Terentyev
31 december 2007 — 31 december 2009
Educational program by Artem Starodubtsev
28 december 2006 — 31 december 2009
Screenings of German classic films with introductions by Mark Kirsanov.