The Initial Project Elaboration on the Topic of Olonets Festivals


On the 6th of December 2011 the third work trip to the town of Olonets was held. The participants of the project team presented their initial ideas of Olonets public space rebranding to the representatives of Olonets authorities, culture, business, and educational institutions. 

The main ideas are aeronautics festival project and Internet-television.
After the work trip the participants mostly paid their attention to continuing the development of future projects’ conceptions and design layout creation.
On the 25th of January 2012 at 18.00 the Public Space Design Project’s participants will be offered to discuss the initial project elaboration on the topic of Olonets festivals.
Moderated by: Ekaterina Dragan, high level teacher in Derzhavin Lyceum, methodist in the municipal Petrozavodsk Center for Education Development, head of the Physics Teachers Methodical Association, Tatyana Morozova, Doctor of Economics, leading research officer in the Institute of Economics within the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Science.