Work trip to the town of Olonets


On the 6th of December 2011 the third trip to the town of Olonets will take place. The participants of the project group will present their initial ideas of Olonets public space rebranding that was the core theme for discussions during meetings in November 2011. 

The work meeting of the project group with the representatives of Olonets authorities, culture, business, and educational institutions will take place in the Information-Methodical Center of Olonets. Work will be organized in focus groups.
Themes for discussion: "OlonetsFestivalsSpace", "Olonets Foretress''.
The participants of the project team will work as interviewers and will undertake a survey of local citizens (including pupils, students, working people).
The meeting will be moderated by Artyom Starodubtsev, Sergey Terentjev, Alla Nesterenko, Ekaterina Dragan.