"Aeronautics Development in the town Olonets" discussion / professional view of Anatoly Titov


The participants of the Public Space Design project are ready to start project’s third stage, i.e. social projecting. 

The second work trip is planned for the beginning of December 2011. During this work trip initial project ideas of rebranding and changing the public space of the town of Olonets will be presented.
On the 30th of November 2011 at 18.00 Anatoly Titov, member of Artists’ Union of Russia and Designers’ Union of Russia will tell his professional view on a problem of aeronautics development in Olonets. A discussion on developing this idea in the connection to Olonets festivals is supposed to take place as well.
Moderated by: Anatoly Titov, Artyom Starodubtsev.