Discussion on developing a questionnaire for a work trip to the town of Olonets


Completeing a series of lectures on Sociology and Theory of Inventive Problems Solving the participants of Public Space Design project are suggested participating in a work trip to the town of Olonets. There they will have a chance to try all the skills they have learnt during the first theoretical stage of the project.

The work trip is supposed to include several interiews with the representatives of regional and municipal authorities, Olonets National Museum of Karelian-Livviks, Olonets Neighbourhood News journal, Children Art School, local population opinion surveys, collecting visual data (photo and video).

As a preparatory stage on 5th, 7th, and 12th of October 2011 at 18.00 discussions on developing a questionnaire and issues we are to work with in Olonets will be held in Vykhod media center.

Moderators: Artyom Starodubtsev, Sergey Terentjev, and Ekaterina Dragan.

All the discussions are broadcasting online on