Lecture "Social Reality. Sociological Perspective" / Konstantin Terentjev


The participants of Public Space Design project are suggested attending lectures and seminars on Sociology and Theory of Inventive Problems Solving.

On 14th of September 2011 at 18.00 the first lecture on Sociology will take place in Vykhod media center.

Theme: "Social Reality. Sociological Perspective".

The lecture is held by Konstantin Terentjev, sociologist, senior lecturer of Sociology Department in Petrozavodsk State University, head of Social Research Laboratory at Petrozavodsk State University.

"Before working on any project concerning public space design we are to dispose of enough information especially about opinion of target audience (local residents, authorities, and civil society). It is possible if addressing to the sociological methods and tools. Sociology will help the participants to use properly methods of gathering information about public opinion, to get ready for data processing, analysing and further usage. Practicing sociologists are invited to hold open lectures and consult the participants while preparing tools for sociological research, information gathering, and data handling".

Konstantin Terentjev, sociologist

Online broadcasting of the lecture is on September, 14 at 18.00 on site

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The video of the lecture is available here (work language - Russian).