Public Space Design project presentation


Presenatation of Public Space Design project is held in Vykhod media center on September, 6th at 18.00.

Public Space Design project is a new educational programme of Creative Industries and Cultural Tourism Development Fund which is getting started in September 2011. It is aimed at developing of social, cultural, political activity of the youth and its creative self-fulfillment as well as creating a precedent of social creativeness and grass-roots initiative for solving real existing problems of a particular region.

The educational programme is initiated and coordinated by Creative Industries and Cultural Tourism Development Fund with the support from the OSI Assistance Foundation (“OSIAF”), Liechtenstein.
Public Space Design project is a sociocultural educational programme which comprises a complex of purposeful activities (from lectures and discussions to a team project and research work) aimed at learning foreign experience and helping a particular region to get out of depression.
Project Director – Artyom Starodubtsev.
The programme is aimed at young workers of culture, artists, designers, musicians, photographers and all creative people of Petrozavodsk and the Republic of Karelia; students of Faculties of Sociology, Economics, Philology, Journalism, and Design; and public youth organisations’ members. Participation in the project is free of charge.
In September 2011 the participants are supposed to attend a series of lectures on Sociology, Theory of Inventive Problems Solving (TIPS), and Design.
Courses supervisors and experts: 
Arkady Morozov – artist, lecturer at International Slavic Institute (Design Department), Petrozavodsk;
Alla Nesterenko – Ph.D., TIPS specialist, pedagogue in "Rovesnik" center for extended education, associate Professor of the Education development Chair in Education Employees' Professional Development and Retraining Academy (Moscow);
Ekaterina Dragan – Derzhavin Lyceum's teacher, head of the Physics Teachers Association, TIPS specialist;
Tatjana Morozova – leading research officer in the Institute of Economics within the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Science;
Konstantin Terentjev – sociologist, senior lecturer of Sociology Department in Petrozavodsk State University, head of Social Research Laboratory at Petrozavodsk State University.
In October 2011 participants with experts are going to Olonets (pilot region of the project) for sociocultural exploring of the region (public opinion poll, authorities’ inquiry, work in archives, collecting visual data (photo- and video-) which is essential for further sociocultural projecting. As a result, a package of project ideas is supposed to be developed. These ideas will suggest future positive development of a particular region.
The results of the project will be presented to the public and Media and provided through printed material, booklets and via social networks.

Contacts:  + 7 (814 2) 76 14 41  



The video of the presentation is available here (work language - Russian).