Final discussion Everyone will be taken to the future. Approaches and strategies in contemporary art and culture / Moderated by Georgy Nikich



On May 20, 2010 an open discussion entitled «Everyone will be taken to the future. Approaches and strategies in contemporary art and culture» that completes the Educational and debating program for Karelian creative youth will take place:


We always think that there is some recipe for success. Looking back, steps to success that Jasper Jones and Ilya Kabakov took seem so understandable. Wrong steps of artists seem so clear and obvious; the choice of gallerists seems inaccurate; the strategies of museums and art centers’ directors seem mistaken… But only if you look back.

Do the schemes of building art careers and creating successful institutions work in today’s world of art? Does money always talk? What is the role of education in career development? Can you rely on cultural communities? What future are we thinking about? Our own? Or the future of the art? Or the new formats of artistic life? Or the possible changes of the role of culture in the society?  


Moderated by: Georgy Nikich, curator, art historian, board member of the Art Historians Association (Moscow)


Start at 19.00 (Moscow time)


Venue: Vyhod Media Center, Karl Marx Ave., 14, Petrozavodsk 


Feel free to join the discussion through the Skype conference. Choose komart_club (Petrozavodsk, Russia) as a Skype user. The language of the discussion is Russian.

You are also welcome to watch the discussion online on May 20 from 19.00 to 21.00 at

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