Lecture «New space for art: creative industries and public art» / Georgiy Nikich


On May 21, 2010 the Vyhod Media Center hosts a lecture «New space for art: creative industries and public art» within the Educational and debating program for Karelian creative youth:


In 1975 German artist Joseph Beuys established his information office in the Documenta 5 contemporary art exhibition in Kassel where he debated issues with gallery visitors and inspired them to creativity. Since then art has not only given a new meaning and a new image to the traditional exhibition spaces. It has gone far beyond the limits of an exhibition hall and the narrow understanding of the art space and started to form its own economic sector called the creative industries. Art interacts with science disciplines, opens up new spaces, wants to belong to the people and can’t refuse its elitist nature. What aims does the contemporary art have when crossing all the borders you can ever think of? What messages does it convey? And what forms does it take?     


Moderated by: Georgiy Nikich, curator, art historian, board member of the Art Historians Association (Moscow)


Time: 15.00 – 17.00


Venue for project events: Vyhod Media Center, Karl Marx Ave., 14, Petrozavodsk 

Contacts: (814 2) 76-14-41