COME ON, KOMART! / Media Festival
24 — 27 november 2005

"COME ON, KOMART!"The festival is the start of new initiative aimed at development media arts. The main objectives of the project are to develop the habits of mind in the field of media arts of Karelian artists and to promote young artists. The project is also aimed at overcoming the dispute between Karelian classic art and young artists' media arts. 

The project of the Center of cultural initiatives ventilates brewing problems. Are there any media arts in Karelia? What is the role of media arts for the culture of Petrozavodsk nowadays? Do the cultural institutions realize a deep change in modern arts? Maybe, the cultural priorities have to be revised? Maybe, the innovation forms of modern art will be object of cultural policy? Nowadays these art forms are outsiders, but its have a good chance to become new “cultural inheritance” and object of fusion to the EU in future.

The organizers of the project plan to invite more participants from other countries to the festival in future. They also will invite Russian and foreign experts for participate in educational projects, seminars and conferences on problem of media art. The first Media art festival aimed at discovering new names and presenting new media areas to Karelian people.

  • “The dreams”, art group “Out of focus” (avant-garde noise)
  • “The dreams”, studio KINOWAR’ (industrial)
  • “Furiously beautiful”, group “MAA+1” (minimal noise)
  • “DATA TUBE”, A. Judin, I. Rastaturin, V. Shubin (idm, ambient, noise, techno, voyagent)
  • “New German animation” 
  • “Art video kitchen”