VYKHODKA // IV Contemporary Art Festival
01 — 10 november 2008

The idea of Vykhodka – which in the Russian language means “an unordinary, unexpected, eccentric action or gesture” – corresponds to a certain extent to the general understanding of contemporary art. The Festival bearing this name being held at the Vyhod Media center annually shows these “unordinary, unexpected and eccentric actions” produced by modern artists, musicians, poets, actors, etc. from Russia and abroad.

Now being traditional, this festival project is devoted to synthetic art and creative ideas born at the marginal cultural fields between visual arts and theater, music and poetry, new technologies and tradition, cultures of different peoples and countries, etc.

Here, in the so-called frontier zones the new and the unusual of great talent is born. The festival held in Karelia at the northwestern border between Russia and Europe is intended to introduce non-standard art projects and establish intercultural communication.

The mission of the Festival is to create prerequisites and conditions for the development of innovative ideas in the field of culture and art and to encourage younger generations in their creative work.

In 2008 the Festival welcomes projects that offer the subjective and personal comprehension of the new time, revealing individual quests in the new art, its various roles, technologies and themes and generally focusing on art representation of today’s reality.

The Festival 2008 comprises the following parts:

Applications are accepted by email to ann@museums.karelia.ru or in the Vyhod media center (Karl Marx Ave. 14, Petrozavodsk) until May 20, 2008.