DECEMBER EXTRAVAGANZA / II Contemporary Art Festival
01 — 04 december 2006

Boredom… Early December is always depressing… The fall as usual turned into winter and the next warm days are so far away. It seems that everything dies out and nothing happens. But wait! Nothing ORDINARY happens but EXTRAORDINARY does happen. Let’s turn to history. In December at all times and in all continents queer people made extravagant things. 

What else but extravagant would you call the firing of all Communist employees in General Electric (December 9, 1953), the 7th marriage of Elizabeth Tailor (December 4, 1976), Boston tea party (December 16, 1773), invention of telescope (December 1621), first flight (December 1903) and, of course, the Decembrist revolt (December 1825). December is very extravagant for different happenings.

The team of the II Festival of contemporary art did not deliberate long on its concept. The history itself guided us through the year to December 2006 and suggested “December Extravaganza”.

The festival welcomes all creative people of Karelia to expand the list of December spectacular happenings.