Vykhod Media Center is a structural division of the Center for Cultural Initiatives. Founded in 1999 as a Cultural center it was reorganized into Vykhod media center in 2003.

Vykhod media center is an experimental innovative area for creative, cultural and art projects, which combine and blend different genres, trends and areas of activities. The activities of the Media Center are defined by its key objectives:
• To develop contemporary art of Karelia and promotion it to the national and international levels;
• To assist integration and development of new technologies of culture and art;
• To discover new talents, provide opportunities for self-realization and develop professional skills of young artist

As its strategic priority, the media center assists young, novice and little-known artists of all art fields. It provides them with a creative area giving a good chance to promote their work to public and try themselves not only as part of joint projects but also in their own solo projects.

Vykhod media center annually features up to 14 art projects with the priority given to synergy projects, which are based on diverse forms of modern culture. Besides, the media center initiates and hosts such events as performances, media festivals, video and film shows, art parties, presentations, seminars, master classes, etc.